Monday, March 4, 2013

Motivation Monday round 2

I can't believe it I just wrote an entire post and accidentally deleted it!!! I bet some of you can relate to this frustration. I guess I will learn to save, save, save my work!

As a side note you need to check the "Harlem Shake" video on YouTube me and the fam made it's hillarious 

Well today is going to be a great day regardless if I spent that time in vain however it helps me be more articulate this second time around so it's a win win!

I wanted to share with you my goal after baby Roman of getting back into "pre-pregnancy" shape by April 1st, 2013. Just like after every baby I've had # 7 was no different. It takes hard work, a lot of sweat and sometimes tears to make a lean body happen. So the pictures below show when I started getting serious at Romans 3 1/2 month mark to 5 weeks later. I lost 10 lbs and it may not seem like a lot and the pictures may appear subtle but 10 lbs for me is the difference in a pant size or two. I'm very happy with the result and I didn't change my eating or have to be restrictive to obtain that loss. Keep in mind I'm still nursing baby Roman so that helps a lot and I worked out 6 days doing HIIT work outs a week for 4 weeks. I eat a lot of veggies, raw and steamed each day but I eat an average of 2,000 + calories a day.

The difference:

How you make, set goals and achieve those goals have everything to do with your perspective, mind set and your goal setting skills. Also losing weight has about 80% to do with what you eat an 20% about your workouts. While I eat 2,000 + calories a day those calories are made up of whole grains, nuts, seeds, good fats, real butter, whole grains, veggies, fruits, and lean meats and the often indulged whole grain homemade chocolate chip cookies that week make several times a week. I don't feel hungry or deprive myself of eating out with friends and having desserts. This is what you can do too. You just have to learn a little but about nutrient density and that you really can EAT and lose weight in a healthy way. There is no lose weight quick tricks that work long term that I know of. Like I said it takes a desire, dedication, proper choices in what you put in your body for fuel and exercise and healthy perspective and proper goal setting techniques and sometimes the help of a support group/ community or a health coach such as I ;).

I hope today you feel motivated to do something even if its just to walk for 20 minutes. I started my workouts after baby # 7 at 7 weeks only working out 2 days a week and worked my way up to 6 days a week when he was 3 1/2 months old. So don't get discouraged it does take time but man do I feel stronger, happier, I have more energy and endurance every day of my life after working out.

Be sure to check back April 1st, 2013 to see my progress on my goal to be more sculpted and toned after baby # 7!!!!!
Happy Monday and remember........

after 7 kids

one month of HIIT 6 days a week

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lost 10 lbs in 5 weeks eating healthy foods no deprivation or restrictive dieting

4 months after baby #7


  1. You look FAB as you always do Tammy! And you are doingit the healthy way! Good Job beautiful girl!