Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Affordable Reclaimed wood headboard DIY

Reclaimed wood headboard tutorial.

  This literally took 30 minutes to throw together.   When doing a wood project from home it's important to know you don't have to have large cutting tools like table saws or chop/miter saws.  Home improvement stores are able to cut the wood for your project on site so all you have to do is nail/screw it together.   This project costs $50 for a queen size headboard 62" wide X 43" high finished product is 52" high 

We used 1"x8"x62" pine.  Make sure the wood is not warped otherwise the boards will not be flush to one another but distressed and banged up is totally welcomed.  The legs of the head board is what secures the 1x8's and we used 1"x6"x52" high we nailed these on the back of the 1x8's perpendicular 10" in on each side.  Sand your 1x8's, then using a foam brush paint the dark walnut stain on the 1x8's including the edges.  

Wipe the stain off before it dries with a lint free cloth.  Let it dry 5 minutes.  
Using the same rag Dip it and rub in the direction of the grain, always go with the grain back and forth until you get the look you want with your watered down latex paint 4 parts water to one part paint.  I used CIL stratospher mixed into Behr interior flat enamel paint.  

I bought a quart but I honestly only used about 1/4-1/2 cup for all the wood! So don't waste the money buy a sample container and you will be fine.  Ta-Da!!! Your finished!