Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sea, Coral and Sky>>>

My daughter Jayden always tells me I wear the same three colors - white, black and grey- which I'm not even sure they are colors.  Inside my closet is all newspaper color I have to admit.  It's all very boring.  I have such a hard time wearing actual bright colors.  I always feel like I look like a little girl and I have never-ever wanted to look like a little girl, hence the rocker chic look I feel fits my personality just right. Today's look very colorful and feminine but very casual and not frilly.  Love it!
Shirt & pants-Image > necklace-Very Jane > purse-H&M

Also don't forget I'm selling these cute little mocassins from "Little Tammy Two Shoes" for babies size 0-3 months, 0-6 months, 6-12 months, 12-24 months for $30.  Email me supermissfits@gmail.com if you are interested.  Thank you for those of you who have already purchased and love them!  I'm so happy you did and for the support!!! See colors below.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Army Stripes

>>>So for what I wore Wednesday and what kids wore Wednesday I thought I would share "army and stripes". "Army" with this cute top from Ross I scored on for $7.99 you gotta love Ross's prices, you just can't beat them. Heels and necklace -"Forever 21" aka "Forever My Favorite" pants - H & M who's prices are also super cheap. Thought I would bring baby Roman along on this photo shoot. He's in the "stripes" and looking adorable I might add. His hoodie and leggings -Target both $5 and his moccasin - made by yours truly. If your interested in buying baby moccasins at an affordable price please email me and let me know, I will send you pricing and colors. See below some samples
Xoxo tammy>>>

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

DIY baby moccasins

Hey all my beautiful Supermissfits, who of you would like these darling baby moccasins?     I was inspired by freshly picked's handmade mocks for babes and toddlers so I thought I would make some for my cutie pie Roman last night. Let me know by emailing me or leaving a comment if your interested in buying them at an affordable price. I think I will post them to my products page soon! You can also buy these from freshly picked tons of celebs are buying these up and loving them and I can see why. Aren't they darling???
Xoxo tammy

here's my DIY mocks

here's my inspiration

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Happy 15th Birthday Steve-O

I can barely believe it each year as these kids get older. Steven my second oldest turns 15 today and as I am excited that he's turning into a full fledged man, my heart breaks a little at the same time. Every year we (me and the kids) have the same talk. I ask actually beg or bribe with candy (no I'm nit opposed to those things especially when my two year old are throwing a fit in a store I totally give them candy if they promise to be good) if they promise to stop growing up. They reply with tons of laughter, giggling and a cute comment about how they can't help it they just keep growing and then I cry a little bit. I love who they are becoming as they grow and mature but I wish we could just push pause or rewind or slow things down.

I always try to enjoy every stage if life the kids are in so I don't look back and have regrets.

This big 15 year guy has 5 you get siblings that look up to him. I came a cross a picture of one of our family nights when we were all grubbing in some delicious pizzookie I stopped to snap a picture and Steven gave the "peace" sign and Jax at 3 years old did it too because he saw Steven do it. I'm so glad that these kids have Steven to look up too. He is such a good guy. Steven has always wanted to help out around the house with projects since he was a rolly polly 2 year old and i didn't discourage it. Anything he wanted to help with I would welcome and say "your such a good helper" and now he helps me with literally everything big and small from big home projects I've got going on to crafts and hobbies (he loves to learn) to little things like holding his baby brother. I would say one I his favorite things is holding babies and he's always loved babies just like Scottie. One of his friends commented on how Steven is so cool and a "macho" football player at school but when she sees him at home or church he's so sweet with his baby brother and all of his bothers. Tons of my friends comment on how helpful Steven is and so mature and kind he is with his little brothers. Steven has always been a tender hearted guy and a lady charmer. I remember when he was about 1 he would crawl over to the ladies in church and softly touch their stockings and look up and wink at them and he rubbed their leg. He used to look up at the sky when he was 3 when I would push him in the stroller to get him to fall asleep each night and say "mommy I'm gonna grab the stars and put them in your eyes so they will twinkle when you smile". Just recently I have him money for a valentines present in a empty box of chocolates and he interpreted that as love which most kids do and then made me an origami "love" note out of that money. Steven is very strong willed and determined, he's honest, brave, loyal, strong, smart, funny, soooo helpful and respectful. He's a great example to his sister and little brothers. I love that he never acts too old to make cookies with me. I love that he choose good friends and tries to be a good example to those around him. I love that he has a testimony of God and believes in Christ and tries to choose the right everyday. I love spending time with him he's so mature and such a cool kid.

Happy Birthday Steven I have loved you every second of your life.

Xoxo mommy

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Vintage velvet denim and combat boots

So this is pretty casual look. These pants are actually denim with a cool velvety look and a bit stretchy so they're comfy. I get compliments from people that like them every time I wear them. These are from Marshall's and were $12 believe or not and so are the boots (from Marshall's that is). Black Infinity scarf is from Aldo and the T is from old navy and is sooo comfy as well. Enjoy xoxo tammy (: be sure to check out the results from my April 1 st goal to get back into pre pregnancy shape after baby # 7.