Sunday, August 7, 2016

15 fabulous finds at Anthropologie and more!

I just love an Anthropologie Sale!!!

Here are just some Fabulous finds from this weekend and I cannot believe this sale! Almost everything listed below is at least 50% off!! I just love how good anthropology is to us!  I love them!  Here's some things I scored and somethings on my wish list....they will go fast so get them now!!!

1. I got this top in blue because I have 1,000 white tops

2. I am in love with the macrame on this under $30!

3. I couldn’t wait for this RAD blouse 
 to go on sale and it finally is!!!

4. I am looking forward to this dress
soft T shirt dress with my silver metallic Shelly’s platform oxfords
though!!! Under $30! 

6.I have this dress 
 in cream and it is AH-MAZING!

7. I got this dress 
before the sale and paid full price! its under $40 now!!! get it before its gone!!!

8. I am pretty sure we all need this gorgeousness 

9. I am convinced these skinnies are the most comfortable jeans I’ve ever worn and they’re almost 50% off

10. I’m thinking this
would be perfect paired with my grey skinny top shop distressed jeans similar here 
11. This  
 is perfect and simple and so romantic and it’s not white!! did I mention I have too many white blouses?

12.I got this it goes with everything and it is perfect for layering!! 

13. this should be at the top of the list because its the perfect-T and you should buy 2 because you will wear it out, you will want to sleep in it and never take it off, at least that’s what I do

14. OH, just another white blouse
 that goes with everything and is embroidered to perfection!

15. this dress  its gorgeous on
——you need to buy it now it is 75% off! 

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Here are some of the dresses I bought last sale and I am working on a sleeve tutorial for the one on the far left to add a sleeve since I don't wear tank tops!  leave your email with us so you can be the first to see how it looks!