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Tammy is a force of inspiration that has found a way, through physical and mental fitness, to be able to overcome some of life’s most difficult challenges!  Through those experiences, Tammy was able to identify a program that helped her find answers to everyday circumstances that were holding her back.  Now, her passion for a healthy life has led her to create this site for the benefit of others that are facing obstacles but haven’t been able to find a solution that stood the test of time.  Congratulations!  Your search for help is over!  Be a part of the hippest community of women that are “Fit” in EVERY way!

The family fitness legacy Tammy brings to the table includes sports of every kind.  Tammy gravitated to track and field, softball, gymnastics and cheer leading.  Her accomplishments in each of these athletic fields features national championships and school records.  Sports and physical fitness have always been a way of life for her and she continues to be involved in activities such as team distance runs and at-home workouts.

The mastery of mental fitness is truly what sets Tammy apart and brings real results to real people!  At the tender age of 19, she had the 1st little addition to her family.  Over the course of the following 17 years, she added 6 more kiddies for a total of 7 beautiful children!  Having the kids and getting older brought on real life challenges such as divorce, anxiety, postpartum depression and her oldest child passing away from cancer at the age of 8.  Other health issues she experienced include hypoglycemia, hypothyroid, food allergies and fibromyalgia.  These difficulties caused her to seek to understand the mental side of the equation and harness it to be able to share it with you.

A solid background in wholistic nutrition and massage therapy helped Tammy formulate her unique system of health beginning on the inside first, then looking to improve outer physical fitness.  With Tammy’s help, YOU can combine the power of mental and physical fitness and achieve everything you have always wanted from the INSIDE OUT!

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