Wednesday, August 14, 2013

30 day no sugar challenge!

We've got a group of ladies already joining us today on this challenge.  Some have lost 4,5,8 lbs in the first few days- 1 week!  Feel free to start feeling great with us when your ready!  Here's the rules

30 min Morning walk/jog- set your alarms for 35 minutes early and grab your running shoes and walk out the front door.   Walk/ jog for 15 min, turn around and come back!  Then start your day!  Working out in the morning makes us feel great and motivated throughout the day. 

Drink 1 liter of distilled or alkaline/ph balanced water.  Yes, it does matter where your water comes from.  Do not drink tap or spring water- for best weight loss results.  Also cleaner water helps with lots of different illness as well.  I will leave that lengthy topic for another time. 

Drink 1 cup of our metabolism boosting drink "meta-d" from our friends karena and Katrina.  

6oz h2o
2 T apple cider vinegar
2 T pure apple juice no sugar added 
2 Shakes of cinnamon
Shake of cayenne pepper 
Add all in a shaker and drink prior to breakfast 

Eat our supermissfits protein pancake breakfast or a super easy one 
1 egg
2 T oat bran
2 T non fat yogurt 
Sweeten with stevia if you want

This pancakes oat bran should keep you feeling full throughout the day.  

***We started our challenge with ONLY protien for the first 2-3 days.  We ate our pancake every morning.  You will lose 3-10 lbs of water weight so be sure to hydrate throughout the day so you don't get constipated and you flush out toxins.  You may experience some detox symptoms like headaches and fatigue.  You can eat as much protien you want all day anytime.   Do not add fats, oils or salt to your protien.  

After your only protein days start on eating only veggies dark green leafy's and protien at this time.  You can add "real salt" to your protein.  For salads make a citrus vinegarette type dressing! We will remain in this eating plan until our 2 week point.  We are eating 5 meals a day.  

Protein drinks made with almond milk or rice milk are ok.  Try to use hemp or rice protien powers as whey and soy powders are controversial and potentially allergenic, disruptive to hormones, metabolism and immune system.  

Enjoy and remember i believe in you and I am grateful to all of you! 

Excuse my grammatical errors I'm typing and taking care of my 23 kids!

Xoxo- Tammy