Monday, October 13, 2014

DIY Sliding Barn Door that IS affordable

While I've been nearing the end of this pregnancy nesting has been on overdrive.  All of the things I've been wanting to accomplish for years are getting checked off the list and it feels great!  Our master bedroom has an entry way into the bathroom with no door.  A lot of home builders are doing this now.  I've seen make shift solution like curtains but I really wanted more privacy with our large family.  The sliding barn door really blocks a lot of noise out as well so we love that since between our bathroom and bedroom is a vertical hallway where we designated the babies crib.  We bought a mini crib called babyletto Greyson we love it and it's so great when your short in space. 

The diy sliding door took about 6 hours to complete.  I originally went to buy everything from scratch including the sliding hardware track to hang the door on the wall but I found a kit at Home Depot after talking with my brother since he had seen one earlier this week for $149. It was worth every penny since it was already complete.  Next I needed the wood and I found this tutorial that seemed very simple for white washing  and distressing the wood and her door is gorgeous 

Here was another idea I loved but would have required the use of a router and oh man those scare me!!! 

I loved the look but I could not find metal flat bar the length I wanted make the door structure strong enough.  Home Depot only has 4 foot pieces of flats steel. So I got creative and used steel angle flat bar that was available in longer lengths and framed the sides of the door with it instead of down the center of the door.  Overall I am totally in love with our sliding door.  My drill press came in handy to drill the holes in the steel.  Also the studs did not match up with the sliding door kit and we had to drill holes on the bar from the kit to match up with the studs otherwise using ancors into the druwall would have ripped right out when hanging the door since this door is about 150 lbs. I used 2x6 pine and it is possible to use 1x6 pine if your just using it for private. We wanted it to condense sound as well for the baby.  Scroll down for a list of supplies needed and you will need to measure your door way opening width and hight.  Our door way was 36" wide by 7 foot tall.  So supplies are according to that and the kit at Home Depot is for a 36 inch maximum door way. 
Unfinished 2X6 boards cut to 36" you need 15 pieces 
Sanding them in a his fashion will take a million years so we used the belt sander after all. Leaving distressed marks and any character the boards had 
Cocktail of stain and paint minwax dark walnut, paint on with foam brush and wipe before dry with a lint free cloth.  
Let dry for 5 minutes. The brackets here pictured were used on the back side of the door and the sides to make it more sturdy at the top two 2x6's. You can avoid this if your flat steel runs the length of the door which is what I highly recommend.  

Also make sure you build it in the kitchen on your super huge granite counter top.  Don't worry that the neighbors will think your crazy while your on your hands and knees on the island, getting paint and stain on your beautiful granite.  You gotta beat to your own drum.  

Water down your latex paint 4 parts water to one part paint.  I used CIL stratospher mixed into Sherman williams latex paint.  I bought a quart but I honestly only used about 1/4-1/2 cup for all the wood! So don't waste the money buy a sample container and you will be fine.  

The top 8" is a part of the barn door kit the rest of the sode metal is the angle flat bar steel that we drilled 1/4 inch holes jn and used 1/4 " x 1 1/2" polished lag bolts to fasten the bar to the wood.  We did not drill the sides of the angle bar to the side of the door just the top you see.  The angle bar actually wrapped around the side of the door.  We spray painted the lag bolts and steel including the flat bar with wheels from the kit prior to installing everything with rustoleum oil rubbed bronze spray paint. 

Track was installed then the door.  Like I said it's heavy so it took 3 guys to carry and hang and a pregnant lady and her baby in her tummy (me) directing the hanging of the door.  

It's pretty amazing and beautiful if I do say!!! 


  • 1-1/2" x  1/8″ x 6 foot long steel angle flat bar qty=2
  • 2″ x 6″ x 36″ long wood qty=15
  • 1/4″ x 1-1/2″ long plated lag bolts qty=30
  • Minwax Dark Walnut stain
  • Rust-Oleum Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint
  • white or light grey paint
  • water
  • sandpaper
  • Barn door kit from Home Depot

  • I got a lot of help and ideas from shannon over aka design

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Are you ready for the ultimate storage solution to your kids toy chaos?

Okay! This idea has to be one of the best I've come up with yet!!! After 18 years being a mommy of all boys and 1 girls this solution is one I have attempted time and time again and never found the perfect solution to fit our needs!!! I don't mind patting myself on the back my friend because you will agree, oh yes you will!  It's a great solution to apartments or small homes as well!!  

This storage solution is the answer to your Lego, super hero, hot wheel cars, Thomas train, possibly Barbie or any other girlie toys (I have no idea what they are because Jayden is 14, it's been a long time since I've shopped for girls toys), possibly puzzles, magnetic letters/ learning games etc. etc. etc.!!!  Are you ready??? Ok I found this at a used office furniture supply warehouse last week.  It is called a flat file cabinet.  Architects use them for drawings.  I saw it and intantly thought I wonder if it's sturdy enough, spacious enough, shallow enough, also deep enough for Legos, Thomas trains etc.  I went home and asked some of the kids if they liked the idea of a shallow drawer for Legos that they could see all the Legos and could use the table top to build and then push all the Legos back into the drawer and the mess is contained..... They wanted to go see it.  Now originally I was going to put this cabinet/table in the playroom.  But then I thought how cool would it be as a coffee table??!!! Not an original idea, to my surprise I found hundreds of images using these as coffe tables.  But none with toys in them!! Anyway we took Legos and trains and super heros back to the store and we found out these drawers are perfect for the toys!  The cabinet is 250 lbs, the drawers pull out over 2 1/2 feet and they are 4 feet wide.  The drawers are sturdy enough to hold the weight of lots of toys while open so the kids can play using the drawer open and just close the drawer when they are done playing.  I will eventually put our flat file caninet on casters giving it a more "restoration hardware" look.  I am so happy with this solution!!!  Here are some pictures that don't do justice but here ya go!  We paid $375 for ours used it's about 80 years old and very nastalgic looking.  You can buy new $1500-$3000 but why would you do that??!!! Also you can google "flat file cabinet used" in your area or look for architects going out of business or go to a used office supply like I did.  It doubles as our coffee table as well and has such a unique look! We love it! They come in different sizes ranging from 2x3 feet, 3x4 feet ( shown below) and 1 1/2x 3 feet. All types to fit your needs and space!!!  Good luck!! In hope you found this helpful!

Perfect for all my needs!!!! I'm in love with this storage solution!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A very cute outfit for the bump

26 weeks I can't believe I'm almost 7 months pregnant!  This sweet baby girl will be here before I have time to get everything finished on the list!!

My outfit was put together by "Jayden a.k.a. the fashionista" the bump got a little hipster today.....

Jeggings: gap, booties: white mountain, 
Shirt : nordstrom rack, denim shirt: styles for less, necklace: brandy Melville, bracelets: nordstrom rack

A very cute outfit for the bump

26 weeks I can't believe I'm almost 7 months pregnant!  This sweet baby girl will be here before I have time to get everything finished on the list!!

My outfit was put together by "Jayden a.k.a. the fashionista" the bump got a little hipster today.....

Jeggings: gap, booties: white mountain, 
Shirt : nordstrom rack, denim shirt: styles for less, necklace: brandy Melville, bracelets: nordstrom rack

Monday, September 1, 2014

23 weeks along and a special little guest on today's post

I love it when I finally look like I have a baby in my tummy instead of a food baby belly.  I get looks at the belly region but never any comments and never get asked the forbidden question "how far along are you?" Incase a woman is just bloated it's always better to take the safe road and not ask any questions.  So I'm good and pregnant looking and I always get excited because then I can dress up my baby bump.  

Oh the cuteness just overflows out of his tiny little body.  my hearts is just gushing right now.  Moccasins Available at

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

This baby girl is so precious

WI cannot begin to express how excited we are to welcome our 8th baby and that she is a girl!!! I'm 22 weeks and trying to continue eating healthy and living a healthy, fit life style during this pregnancy like the past 7 babies.  I recently have been continuing yoga and hiking. Making sure I drink a ton of water each day because it's so hot I don't want to retain a lot of water.  The first 14-5 weeks I was super sick and I really didn't do much working out but I tried to eat healthy anyway even though I was nauseous and barfy this time sucked big time at the beginning but it is so worth it.  I always have a hard time finding cute pregnancy outfits but I recently found some really cute stuff at H & M.  I will have to post pictures soon of those outfits.  For now I will post up to my 22 weeks baby bump :) we saw her on the ultra sound a couple weeks ago doing some pretty cute yoga moves one of which is called "happy baby" she was holding on to her feet pulled up over her head! I'm feeling great for now she is moving and kicking a lot and it feels so incredible to be her mommy and feel her growing inside of me :)  
16 weeks 

18 weeks 
 18 weeks 

A little beach outfit at 18 weeks 

Baby girls yoga pose at 20 weeks it looks kinda weird because she was moving but you can see her holding into both her feet on the right and her head is on the left 

22 weeks

22 weeks