Friday, May 31, 2013

Supermissfits Smoothie

 This is a scrumptious smoothie I drink this everyday.  After my 7th child being born I find myself wanting to be more and more healthy and eat very healthy to have health and energy to tale care of all these cute and energetic kiddos! 

 First thing in the morning I drink 1 liter of water then a green smoothie like this one.  Put water spinach and lemon in the Vitamix or Blend Tech and liquefy.  Add frozen strawberries and pineapple, avocado and stevia and blend till desired consistency!  If you don't have one of these fancy blenders go get one today.  You will never regret it.  Hussles bought me my Vitamix when we first got married.  I have used it almost everyday sometimes multiple times each day.  They run about $500 there are different accessories you can buy for them now like a dry container for grinding wheat, rice and other grains into flour.  Costco runs specials from time to time during a road show and I wanna say they're $500.  Anyhow best of luck and happy blending and being healthy!  Xoxo T

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Supermissfits slim down shake

Supermissfits Chocolate Slim Down Shake is so delicious your taste buds will not believe all this is healthy and will actually help you lose belly fat! Here's the recipe. Enjoy xoxo tammy

1 cup unsweetened almond milk
1/4 cup coconut milk
Stevia to taste if your using the trader joes that I highly recommend I used 6 of the tiny scoopers inside the bottle but you may have to adjust to taste so try 4 first
2 T Greek non fat plain yogurt
1 1/2 T cocoa powder unsweetened or raw cacao powder
1/4-1/2 avocado
1/2 tsp vanilla
1 cup ice cubes
16 oz. 250 calories 8 carbs (with 1/2 avocado)

That's it! Consistency is like a Wendy's frosty so add everything then add your coconut milk at the end to get it to the desired consistency.

With a mere 250 calories if you use
1/2 the avocado, you may like it with 1/4 and that brings those calories down to 170!!!! Carbs in this are almost non existent there's under 10 carbs

Lets compare the Wendy's frosty with oz per oz Wendy's has 430 calories and 84 grams of carbs! Ours will not only keep your blood sugar levels stable it will help you lose fat!


So Hussles (hot with muscles) aka hubbie aka babe aka my love went to a sweet San Diego wedding for a good friend of ours and it was completely nostalgic because Hussles and I dated when he lived in SD. I love it there so much. We went to the house he lived in at the time, we took a few pictures in front and I really hope we didn't creep out the current owners of the house. We took some pictures of us and the 4 children we have had together since we got married. The older kids from my previous marriage were away for the weekend :( that was sad :,(

It was cool to see how much has changed and all the blessings we've been given in the last 10 years! Hussles carved our initials in a tree at a park near the house 11 years ago and we started a trend it was cool to see how big the tree had grown and all the other couples that carved their name in the tree since then. You can see the original carving B+T =AMOR in the middle of the tree in the picture below.

My Outfit- top Cotton On, Skinnies H &M, shoes Windsor, necklace styles for less

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Honey Camo and Stripes>>>

Just a few pictures of what life has been like lately but scroll down for my fashion pics they are so cute I impressed myself with my outfit and baby Roman's as well.  Enjoy! Xoxo tammy

Oh my gosh I just earned an iPad from Nerium international it's legit check out the video on my Nerium website and them ask me how I can help you get your free iPad too
Thought I would take this baby out for a spin......

Stinking cute pic of this boy 

He is a freakin boss!

Baby mocks $35 each get them now! Message or email me for yours.  Lots of colors available

Camo skirt-Image, shoes- Windsor, shirt-Zara, cardigan- Ross, jewelry and hat- H&M

Roman's outfit leggings-old navy, mocks-ME :), army jacket-Target, beanie-Walmart, Gerber undershirt 

Monday, May 13, 2013

You are what you eat>>>

Plan ahead and prepare some healthy snacks. You can shop on the weekend and prepare your fresh veggies. Wash, dry, cut and store in ziplock baggies or containers small or large. I guess it all depends on where you will be when your eating your veggies. If your taking them with you when your out and about I suggest one similar to mine pictured below. You can have a little variety. I love colorful fruits and veggies when I'm cooking and for snacks. I love hummus for dipping my veggies in. Once your veggies are prepared for the week and put into containers it will be much easier for you to make healthy choices when your in that moment of hunger after a work out or even if your feeling stressed. I would rather you wrote in your journal or did something else like exercise, read, call a friend, blog, read my blog ;) go for a walk to relieve stress instead of eat your feelings but until your ready to NOT eat your feelings, munch on veggies instead of that box of cookies or tub of ice cream or whatever your vice may be ;) so here's to happy tasty Tuesday! Enjoy your veggies- you are what you eat, you cute little cucumber :)

xoxo tammy

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A little bit of sunset

I love it when me and my BFF get together because she is an amaZing photographer and just amazing overall and beautiful and really super smart! BFF took these pictures with her iPhone! We had fun shopping and getting our makeovers on. She was there for me that day when I was having a total melt down, she gave me a shoulder to cry on and just listened as I vented. We both had a good cry. Then we ate pizza and donuts to celebrate her 3.5lbs weight loss-yummy! Everything in moderation folks, yes pizza and donuts are not recommended all the time but if your eating the majority of your diet clean, raw and healthy you can absolutely have your cake and eat it too.

The sunset was perfect to illuminate these pictures.

Outfit- jeans-Guess, sweater-TJ Max, shoes-Windsor, necklace, belt, purse and ring - H&M,

Friday, May 3, 2013

Supermissfits snack

Here's a Supermissfit approved snack that's less than 100 calories but very filling and super healthy! You can smash all of the ingredients up and eat it with a fork or eat it like a open face sandwich. So what ever way tickles your fancy-enjoy!

1/4-1/2 sliced avocado
1-2 tomatoes sliced or chopped
Real salt to taste
A squeeze of lemon
Brown rice cake lightly salted