Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Boys room, rock wall, ladder, loft bed tutorial

I thought I would share just how fun a little boys room could be and you can do this like we did very affordable!  First of all with 6 kids in a 4 bed room house one must get a little creative with space.  

I'm constantly on the phone with my amazing and super creative and talented mother in law.  We toss ideas back and forth all the time about design and remodeling and space saving ideas for me and Brandon's growing family.  We talked about a lot of ideas and looked in Pinterest but the best Idea we came up with was using some storage racks I had previously had installed in my garage ceiling.  I remembered the installer said they hold 1000 lbs. and these racks will not how anywhere in an earthquake.  I quickly took my kids out to the garage and had Brandon hoist them up and see if they liked being up in the air and talked about the possibility of a bed just like that in their room.  They thought the idea was sooo cool and waited patiently until Craig the storage installer would come and install their new bed in the air!  My friend Lisa told me theirs racks were white (ours were grey) so we thought the white would disappear into the ceiling making this loft bed seem to be magically suspended.   

I was trying to cover up a beautiful paisley wallpaper I imported from Europe and wanted to keep it nice and that's where he idea of paneling or a cork boras covering the walls came into play. I googled cork walls and loft beds.  Mom in law thought a rock wall would be cool for them to get in and out of bed with so here's some of the pictures we drew from for our inspiration.  

First we hired our excellent garage storage rack, installation expert, Craig.  He's the best!  He hung one 4x8' section with lag bolts from the rafters and another 2x4' section to creat an "L" shaped 6x8' loft bed all suspended from the ceiling.  We loved the idea of a completely open area under the bed to play with no bunk bed legs or extra bulky wood in the way taking up space.  These over head storage racks hold 1000 lbs. so we don't have to worry about them falling down or coming loose.   

Next we bought 2 mattress's from IKEA for a couch that folds into a bed and happened to be on clearance.  If you unzip the cover of the mattress you will find thick 4" foam that we a scored and cut using our cutco knifes (you could also use a electric serated knife) to fit the two bed sizes and ziped the cover and folded over the excess fabric.  

To make sure the boys don't roll off the beds while sleeping we bought bungee cords ($1.50 @ Home Depot) that matched the unique and slightly industrial look of the room 

We already had the big skate board wall mural from pottery barn teen and the lockers from IKEA years ago.  The egg was from As-Is section in IKEA. 

All the posters and stickers, t-shirts and magazines were signed and autographed and were curtousy of a super sweet and awesome pro skater Dave Duncan.  

The walls around the room  have the lol of cork board but they are "sound board" used for music and recording studios.  You can find this at Home Depot for $10 per 4x8' x 3/4" sheet.  Be very careful to not break it on your way home from Home Depot.  We had measures all of our walls and had Home Depot makes 10 cuts on 5 sheets and we carefully out it in the Yukon and carefully carried it up to the boys room.  This stuff should be treated like a cake on "Cake Boss" because until you have it screwed into the walls it can break SO easy.  Now when it's installed which took us 30 minutes! You won't need to be too worried about it breaking or chipping.   My daughter Jayden held up the sound board and I screwed it in about every 3-4 feet. I loved working with the sound board because it is extremely light weight like cork board.  You can push push pins and tacks into the sound board just like cork board too!  If you want to put up cork board it will be 10x's the price if not more and it's a pretty big project you will need to glue the cork rolls into Masonite with a roller and cut and fit the Masonite to your walls.  the sound board was $40.  

We used little screws and washers.  If you show a dude at Home Depot this pic he can get you the right screws and washers to match.  But super easy to install and it basically just tacking the sound board to the drywall we weren't trying to find studs to secure the sound board.  

The rope and ladder (from IKEA) are hung from the over head storage brackets that hold 1000 lbs with carabiners and my son Steven tied a special Boy Scout knot so the rope stays in place. 

The rock wall was made using a 5/8" 4x8' piece of MDF.  This is very heavy! We had Home Depot cut 4" off the top because it's easier to install 8' into an 8' high ceiling by having some room for clearance.  Then we just added the 4" piece separately.  I ordered an assorted pack of rock climbing holds from amazon here

With the MDF sheet I drill holes for the bigger holds using a 1/2 drill bit and secured the holds with the bolt, washer and Allen wrench supplied in the kit.  Then carried the finished rock wall up to the boys room and secured it to the studs.  Note: the bolts and screws will be sticking out the back side of the MDF or plywood you use so be sure to buy screws to secure the wall into the studs that are long enough.  I used 3" wood screws.  

We needed some testers and beignet rock climbers.  We knew just the boys to ask! 

Finished result with a happy climbing kid!

Thanks for reading!!! 
Xoxo - me 

Please excuse any typos and grammatical errors :)

Monday, November 25, 2013

Little Tammy Two Shoes Moccasins

these wonderful moccs are available online now at
Wow I'm overwhelmed at all these orders for all you ladies :) thank you for all your support and sharing LTTS with your friends.  Follow me on Instagram @ tamaragallup and littletammytwoshoes so you can see colors and new moccs that come out!! These are great baby shower gifts and great for the upcoming holidays! We have a huge selection if colors and a great price!!! $35 for solid colors $40 for camo prints and textures and polka dots.  you can also email me at for more info to purchase the cutest, soft soled, genuine leather moccasins.   Sizes available newborn- childrens size 9
Here's a few of the colors.  

Friday, November 22, 2013

Good Morning Green Smoothie

Hey guys so this smoothie started out a little but worry some.  But as you can see from the pictures it's really quite delicious.  It's a little pricing buying all the ingredients but we just use 1T. of each.  These potent antioxidants and super foods will leave you with endless energy throughout the day.  Here's what we purchased 

We already had the chia seed and a lot of the other ingredients.  I just bought the goji berries today.  I had heard about them from my chinese medicine massage therapist Tony.  Tony is 50 and doesn't look older than 30 and he's super energetic every time I go in for a massage I see him busting out pull ups between clients.  He told me one of the super foods he snacks on is goji berries.  They kind of taste like a raisin/prune-ish but fiber-y too at the same time.  

Here's baby swiggin down more than half of my drink.  I was shocked!!! 

Also all my ingredients came from sprouts and I substituted the fresh young coconut water for freeze dried coconut water.  

This is my go to drink every morning now.  Start your day out right and Enjoy!  Remember if your not used to super heathy non sugary foods this may take a little adjusting to.  But the coconut water, milk, vanilla rice protien powder and cacao powder is a pretty good compliment to the spirulina.  This recipe is from the gorgeous Miranda Kerr.  Thanks to her :)

Xoxo- tam

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

30 day no sugar challenge!

We've got a group of ladies already joining us today on this challenge.  Some have lost 4,5,8 lbs in the first few days- 1 week!  Feel free to start feeling great with us when your ready!  Here's the rules

30 min Morning walk/jog- set your alarms for 35 minutes early and grab your running shoes and walk out the front door.   Walk/ jog for 15 min, turn around and come back!  Then start your day!  Working out in the morning makes us feel great and motivated throughout the day. 

Drink 1 liter of distilled or alkaline/ph balanced water.  Yes, it does matter where your water comes from.  Do not drink tap or spring water- for best weight loss results.  Also cleaner water helps with lots of different illness as well.  I will leave that lengthy topic for another time. 

Drink 1 cup of our metabolism boosting drink "meta-d" from our friends karena and Katrina.  

6oz h2o
2 T apple cider vinegar
2 T pure apple juice no sugar added 
2 Shakes of cinnamon
Shake of cayenne pepper 
Add all in a shaker and drink prior to breakfast 

Eat our supermissfits protein pancake breakfast or a super easy one 
1 egg
2 T oat bran
2 T non fat yogurt 
Sweeten with stevia if you want

This pancakes oat bran should keep you feeling full throughout the day.  

***We started our challenge with ONLY protien for the first 2-3 days.  We ate our pancake every morning.  You will lose 3-10 lbs of water weight so be sure to hydrate throughout the day so you don't get constipated and you flush out toxins.  You may experience some detox symptoms like headaches and fatigue.  You can eat as much protien you want all day anytime.   Do not add fats, oils or salt to your protien.  

After your only protein days start on eating only veggies dark green leafy's and protien at this time.  You can add "real salt" to your protein.  For salads make a citrus vinegarette type dressing! We will remain in this eating plan until our 2 week point.  We are eating 5 meals a day.  

Protein drinks made with almond milk or rice milk are ok.  Try to use hemp or rice protien powers as whey and soy powders are controversial and potentially allergenic, disruptive to hormones, metabolism and immune system.  

Enjoy and remember i believe in you and I am grateful to all of you! 

Excuse my grammatical errors I'm typing and taking care of my 23 kids!

Xoxo- Tammy 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Birthday Girl >>>

My beautiful Jayden turned 13 yesterday.  My heart is so filled with joy and love when I think if her.  She has been such a great example if Christlike love to me in my life.  She is a good girl, she is pure and honest.  She is such a great big sister to these 4 younger brothers of hers and truly a second mommy to them as well.  She brings so much love and laughter into our home through her tender affection she shares and her witty personality.  She is one of my favorite people in the world.  She is my closest friend and best friend next to hussles.   It is truly a neat thing to have such a wonderful relationship with my daughter. I love spending time with her, she has our family rolling with laughter at times because of her wittiness and jokes and goofy personality.  JJ is such an amazing friend to anyone she meets, non judgmental and she is very smart and assertive.  The thing that I feel most impressed with today is how much amazing and unique talent pours out of her little body.  I don't think she realizes just how amazing she is and if she does, she handles herself with such grace and poise and I am in awe watching her grow up.  Happy Birthday beautiful J I have loved you every second of your life.   

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Army & Stripes>>>

If your looking for some cute ways to wear army/camo prints look no further and that cute baby, "sweet sweet" was having lots of fun trying to eat leaves while we tried capturing his cuteness.  He wanted down to crawl around and eat whatever he could find off the ground.  He is sooo much fun and endless smiles and love.

My outfit>>> Skinnies, heels>Forever 21, bracelet>Cotton On, Shirt>Zara
Roman's outfit>>>Shirt>H&M, Beanie>Target, Leggings and Moccasins>Little Tammy Two Shoes

Solid Army Skinnies With Stripes

My outfit >>>Skinnies>H&M, Shirt>Burlington, Shoes>Forever 21, Belt>Cotton On
Roman's outfit>>>Shirt>Old Navy, Shorts&Beanie>H&M, Moccasins> Little Tammy Two Shoes