Sunday, January 20, 2013

Motivation Monday- You just never know....

Last week I was at one of our local health food stores and saw one of their workers smoking outside! Now this particular worker is so sweet and such a doll. She is seriously one of the friendliest and most genuine girls I've ever met. She always asks how the fam is and wants to know all about baby Roman. Seeing her smoking was unexpected because she works at a health food store and I said "I thought you were healthy!" She said " I know I need to stop" I said "your gonna give baby Roman second hand smoke lungs!!!" I was teasing as I said this and she knew I was too we shared a little chuckle as we want our merry little ways. I shared with my kids what I had said they replied that it was mean to tease her like that so I wondered how what I said affected her. I went back this week and she came up to me with the usual pep in her step and announced that she hadn't smoked for a whole week! I high five'd her and told her how awesome she is! We talked a bit about healthy eating and working out . I'm so proud of her! She said she just made the decision to stop! Just like that after 3 years and that is some serious inspiration for motivation Monday!!!

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