Thursday, January 3, 2013

What's in your fridge?

I'm pretty proud of mine and hubby's efforts to transition our family to a healthier lifestyle. One way is through our eating. It wasn't to difficult and I can tell you how we did it! Like I said hubby's support is one of the biggest parts of the equation. Discussing and educating the family about healthy food was another big part. Then I started with transition foods then took out the junk foods/ unhealthy out completely. We know first hand that kids will eat what you buy and put in the fridge and pantry. They also will learn from YOU! What you teach your children through your actions will effect them throughout their lives into adulthood. As a side note we allow treat and goodies once in a while our rule is if they drink their 12 oz green (mostly spinach, kale and a little bit of fruit) smoothie they can pretty much have whatever treat they want that day maybe a scoop of ice cream after dinner, a homemade cookie or two, a handful of dark chocolate chips, a few Hershey's kisses or a snack size candy bar. We believe in moderation not depravation. Our diets are mostly healthy with a little bit of fun! Fun meaning sweets and those can come from fruits and homemade treats or a little candy treat here and there.

Here's some examples of how our family transitioned off the unhealthy foods:

Potato chips-tortilla chips-homemade tortilla chips made from sprouted wheat tortillas they are soooo good

Cow milk-sweetened almond milk/chocolate almond milk-unsweetened vanilla flavored almond milk( trader jones best consistency and taste and price) homemade almond milk

Milk shakes usually chocolate(which we still have on occasion) - fruit smoothies with a little bit of spinach and agave added- mostly spinach and other greens a little bitI of fruit and agave- spinach mostly all green smoothie and only fruit to sweeten

White rice- brown rice

Beef tacos - black bean and beef tacos

Beef patties - veggie patties

White bread - 100% whole wheat- 100% multigrain whole wheat or sprouted wheat bread like Ezekiel bread or Milton's multi grain

Peanut butter- almond butter

Store bought salad dressings- homemade extra virgin olive oil and lemon

Butter for frying -Coconut oil for frying

Table salt - Himalayan pink salt like "real salt"

Bottle water- smart water- distilled -buying a water filter that alkalizes and distills our water

Poultry and beef every day - more fish 1-2 times a week and animal meat in moderation 1-2 days a week

Cookies & crackers- homemade cookies and raw nuts

Having fresh fruits and veggies cut up and available in place of all the snacks and store bought preservative filled foods helped a lot.

"Cow milk" was the hardest transition I still remember the day I was grocery shopping in Costco with my 3 youngest at the time 3 boys 6, 4 and 3 years old. When we walked down the milk and dairy isle they opened the refrigerator door to get the "cow milk" and note I never referred to it as that the kids just picked up on this phrasing. Each boy toting a big 2 gallon box of milk in hand and I say oh not today boys remember we are buying healthier milk -"almond milk" wa-ah???!!!!!! "We want cow milk" they all protested LOUDLY, "why won't you buy us cow milk?" Normally I don't care while people observe my parenting but this just sounded biZarre and weird.

So my suggestion is to not take your kids shopping until certain transitions have been made and then it's fun to shop mainly the produce section of the grocery store hunting for the "healthy yummy foods that make us strong".

I also bought a great book that talked about healthy foods and had them try vegetables all sorts of them not just the usual peas and carrots. I made a game of it using a chart they would get a sticker for each veggie they tried for a reward after every 10 they tried. They were so motivated that they tried them all right hen and got their surprise!

I also told the older kids (teenagers) they could eat their salad or drink it in a fruit and spinach smoothie that was sweet they chose as you probably guessed the sweet, green and fruit smoothie.

I hope these suggestions help you and you and your family can be started on your healthier food journey along with us!!


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