Wednesday, May 22, 2013


So Hussles (hot with muscles) aka hubbie aka babe aka my love went to a sweet San Diego wedding for a good friend of ours and it was completely nostalgic because Hussles and I dated when he lived in SD. I love it there so much. We went to the house he lived in at the time, we took a few pictures in front and I really hope we didn't creep out the current owners of the house. We took some pictures of us and the 4 children we have had together since we got married. The older kids from my previous marriage were away for the weekend :( that was sad :,(

It was cool to see how much has changed and all the blessings we've been given in the last 10 years! Hussles carved our initials in a tree at a park near the house 11 years ago and we started a trend it was cool to see how big the tree had grown and all the other couples that carved their name in the tree since then. You can see the original carving B+T =AMOR in the middle of the tree in the picture below.

My Outfit- top Cotton On, Skinnies H &M, shoes Windsor, necklace styles for less


  1. Sweet pictures! I love weekends like that.

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