Monday, May 13, 2013

You are what you eat>>>

Plan ahead and prepare some healthy snacks. You can shop on the weekend and prepare your fresh veggies. Wash, dry, cut and store in ziplock baggies or containers small or large. I guess it all depends on where you will be when your eating your veggies. If your taking them with you when your out and about I suggest one similar to mine pictured below. You can have a little variety. I love colorful fruits and veggies when I'm cooking and for snacks. I love hummus for dipping my veggies in. Once your veggies are prepared for the week and put into containers it will be much easier for you to make healthy choices when your in that moment of hunger after a work out or even if your feeling stressed. I would rather you wrote in your journal or did something else like exercise, read, call a friend, blog, read my blog ;) go for a walk to relieve stress instead of eat your feelings but until your ready to NOT eat your feelings, munch on veggies instead of that box of cookies or tub of ice cream or whatever your vice may be ;) so here's to happy tasty Tuesday! Enjoy your veggies- you are what you eat, you cute little cucumber :)

xoxo tammy

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