Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Army & Stripes>>>

If your looking for some cute ways to wear army/camo prints look no further and that cute baby, "sweet sweet" was having lots of fun trying to eat leaves while we tried capturing his cuteness.  He wanted down to crawl around and eat whatever he could find off the ground.  He is sooo much fun and endless smiles and love.

My outfit>>> Skinnies, heels>Forever 21, bracelet>Cotton On, Shirt>Zara
Roman's outfit>>>Shirt>H&M, Beanie>Target, Leggings and Moccasins>Little Tammy Two Shoes

Solid Army Skinnies With Stripes

My outfit >>>Skinnies>H&M, Shirt>Burlington, Shoes>Forever 21, Belt>Cotton On
Roman's outfit>>>Shirt>Old Navy, Shorts&Beanie>H&M, Moccasins> Little Tammy Two Shoes

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  1. Love all of these looks! AND those shoes...omg!!! Gorgeous!!