Friday, November 22, 2013

Good Morning Green Smoothie

Hey guys so this smoothie started out a little but worry some.  But as you can see from the pictures it's really quite delicious.  It's a little pricing buying all the ingredients but we just use 1T. of each.  These potent antioxidants and super foods will leave you with endless energy throughout the day.  Here's what we purchased 

We already had the chia seed and a lot of the other ingredients.  I just bought the goji berries today.  I had heard about them from my chinese medicine massage therapist Tony.  Tony is 50 and doesn't look older than 30 and he's super energetic every time I go in for a massage I see him busting out pull ups between clients.  He told me one of the super foods he snacks on is goji berries.  They kind of taste like a raisin/prune-ish but fiber-y too at the same time.  

Here's baby swiggin down more than half of my drink.  I was shocked!!! 

Also all my ingredients came from sprouts and I substituted the fresh young coconut water for freeze dried coconut water.  

This is my go to drink every morning now.  Start your day out right and Enjoy!  Remember if your not used to super heathy non sugary foods this may take a little adjusting to.  But the coconut water, milk, vanilla rice protien powder and cacao powder is a pretty good compliment to the spirulina.  This recipe is from the gorgeous Miranda Kerr.  Thanks to her :)

Xoxo- tam

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