Saturday, June 15, 2013

Birthday Girl >>>

My beautiful Jayden turned 13 yesterday.  My heart is so filled with joy and love when I think if her.  She has been such a great example if Christlike love to me in my life.  She is a good girl, she is pure and honest.  She is such a great big sister to these 4 younger brothers of hers and truly a second mommy to them as well.  She brings so much love and laughter into our home through her tender affection she shares and her witty personality.  She is one of my favorite people in the world.  She is my closest friend and best friend next to hussles.   It is truly a neat thing to have such a wonderful relationship with my daughter. I love spending time with her, she has our family rolling with laughter at times because of her wittiness and jokes and goofy personality.  JJ is such an amazing friend to anyone she meets, non judgmental and she is very smart and assertive.  The thing that I feel most impressed with today is how much amazing and unique talent pours out of her little body.  I don't think she realizes just how amazing she is and if she does, she handles herself with such grace and poise and I am in awe watching her grow up.  Happy Birthday beautiful J I have loved you every second of your life.   

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