Sunday, March 30, 2014

Love Is Hard

Loving ourselves can be hard sometimes.  Loving yourself enough to take care of your health and body and mind is very important but easier said than done.  People sometimes struggle so badly that drastic medical intervention is needed because their life is weighing in the balance and at that point they no longer have very many options to become healthy.  

When there is no impending illness or health concern what motivates one to take action and start living a healthier life style?  


Love of oneself.  

You deserve to be your BEST.  

You deserve to feel your best. 

You deserve to look your best.  

You deserve to have energy.  

You deserve to be healthy. 

You deserve to feel light and move easily. 

You deserve to take time for yourself.  

You deserve to enjoy life.  

You deserve to become what God intended for you to become.  

You are amazing!

You have great worth!

I believe in you!

Trust me.  It's hard to find the time to workout.  It takes time.  It takes commitment.  It takes energy when you sometimes have very little left at the end if the day and you have yet to get out of your pjs because the day came and went so fast.  The key is finding the time.  Schedule it.  Write it down on your calendar.  Tape it to your wall so you see it everyday.  Write down your goals everyday.  500 of the most successful people in The world were interviewed.  What do they all have in common besides wealth and success?  They write down their goals 2 times a day!  If you want to be in shape, write down your goals for that and take action.  If you need help email me for some suggestions :).

Just by simply putting your tennis shoes by your bed and setting your alarm 30 minutes early for the next morning is one way you can find the time to exercise the next day.  Put those running shoes on and either walk or run one direction 15 minutes turn around and come back home and you've just excersized 30 minutes that day!  Eventually you can build upon that but it's a great start!  

I want you to be able to do HIIT (high intensity interval training) I absolutely live it!  I live yoga to but it's different and so therapeutic I love HIIT in never bored because it's fast paced and constantly changing to a new challenging excersized.  I will post some how to's and videos soon:) 

If you are already an expert than you will love some of the excersizes im about to share and how I stay in shape after having 7 kids!  Stay tuned have a happy Sunday.  Love you all!

Xoxo -me

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