Friday, February 15, 2013

Fashion Friday and DIY ombré hair

So I'm super duper excited about this blog post today. I'm excited because I am taking a road trip with the family to visit family in Arizona. I love hanging out with the hubs and my kids, they are my EVERYTHiNG! We had to make a few quick stops on our way out of town and my sweet daughter says "mom, you look really cute in that outfit!, we should take a picture!" And take a picture is what we did!! Well not me but her (jj, beautiful, talented, sweet, funny, smart and good Jj) and the pictures turned out soooooo good she has got some serious talent!

About my outfit you need to know that these suede wedge toms are The MoST comfortable shoes I've ever worn. For reals. They come in black too. Go get some - now!

Also I wanted to share about my DIY ombré hair I did this morning. The second to the last picture is the close up of the ombré I did and the first and third pics below are before the ombré. I felt like the color I had previously washed me out and I wanted a little warmth. I recorded a tutorial, hubby filmed it so you can follow step by step what I did if you would be so brave to attempt it like me. If your daring it will cost you $10, if you don't wanna DIY then have fun spending average $70-170 for your ombré mane at your favorite stylist. Anyway you go it will be awesome and I will post that when we get back from Az. Just so you know I totally thought I was gonna end up in tears from a hair disaster. But I'm super excited because it ended up turning out exactly how I wanted it. So check out the pictures sorry there are just a hodge podge all up here in this blog because I am not at my computer and I really really wanted to tell you about it right now! Because I'm so super duper excited!!!! (I know I mentioned that a lot) Have a happy Friday and good luck if you try my DIY ombré hair :)

xoxoxo -TG

My outfit- shiny leggings - H&M, denim chambray shirt and belt- Styles for Less, Tom's, bracelets - H&M, watch Michael Kors

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