Thursday, December 6, 2012

Salty Elf on the Shelf Angel!

Elf on the shelf is quite the sneaky little fellow getting into the table salt making salt angels. But that is about the only good use we have for this salt in our home since we would never use it on our foods.

Many Americans blame salt for their water retention when in fact it's the other way around. It is true that table salt and packaged food that contain sodium are all the wrong type of salt. Those salts are all over processed, destroying their electrical potential. It has no electron energy so while you do need to cut out all regular salt from your diet you need to replace it with good salt!!! Here's some examples - Celtic salt or Real salt from the Great Salt Lake. These good for you salts give you energy and will not cause you to gain added weight due to water retention. The more raw foods you eat the more real salt you will need to add into your diets!

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