Friday, December 7, 2012

My new obsession

Last night I had so much fun getting some pent up anger and aggression out on my trainer/ friend at the gym doing kick boxing one on one with her! I love it so much right now I want to do it everyday. It was such a great fun way to get my cardio in and blow off some steam - Makes me happy.

If you can't get to the gym....

I have always loved Tae Bo with Billy Blanks workouts. I have several of his DVDs and that's one of the ways I get back in shape after each baby. It targets so many of he major muscle groups and helps define and tone pretty quick. I highly recommend it, just be careful with proper form or your knees will pay the price.

Here are some tips for kickboxing....

-RELAX! Make sure to relax a bit and breathe properly. Tensing up will make you more prone to injury, so get loose and have fun.
-When training for punching, make sure to first practice your technique and accuracy. This is also why i suggest Tae Bo. Starting with proper technique will give you the proper foundation to later increase your speed and power.
-Remember to stretch, as injuries can happen otherwise.
-Along with practicing punches and kicks, footwork is something you want to practice early. Good footwork can work for you defensively (evading attacks) as well as offensively (helping you center punches and gaining more power).
-Keep your guard up.
-Maintaining a good defensive stance is an absolute must when competing. Dip your hips loose knees.
Lastly, have fun! Kickboxing is an intense sport, but it’s also a fun and effective way to get a great workout.

I was jumping around like a squirrel haha -so fun!

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