Thursday, October 2, 2014

Are you ready for the ultimate storage solution to your kids toy chaos?

Okay! This idea has to be one of the best I've come up with yet!!! After 18 years being a mommy of all boys and 1 girls this solution is one I have attempted time and time again and never found the perfect solution to fit our needs!!! I don't mind patting myself on the back my friend because you will agree, oh yes you will!  It's a great solution to apartments or small homes as well!!  

This storage solution is the answer to your Lego, super hero, hot wheel cars, Thomas train, possibly Barbie or any other girlie toys (I have no idea what they are because Jayden is 14, it's been a long time since I've shopped for girls toys), possibly puzzles, magnetic letters/ learning games etc. etc. etc.!!!  Are you ready??? Ok I found this at a used office furniture supply warehouse last week.  It is called a flat file cabinet.  Architects use them for drawings.  I saw it and intantly thought I wonder if it's sturdy enough, spacious enough, shallow enough, also deep enough for Legos, Thomas trains etc.  I went home and asked some of the kids if they liked the idea of a shallow drawer for Legos that they could see all the Legos and could use the table top to build and then push all the Legos back into the drawer and the mess is contained..... They wanted to go see it.  Now originally I was going to put this cabinet/table in the playroom.  But then I thought how cool would it be as a coffee table??!!! Not an original idea, to my surprise I found hundreds of images using these as coffe tables.  But none with toys in them!! Anyway we took Legos and trains and super heros back to the store and we found out these drawers are perfect for the toys!  The cabinet is 250 lbs, the drawers pull out over 2 1/2 feet and they are 4 feet wide.  The drawers are sturdy enough to hold the weight of lots of toys while open so the kids can play using the drawer open and just close the drawer when they are done playing.  I will eventually put our flat file caninet on casters giving it a more "restoration hardware" look.  I am so happy with this solution!!!  Here are some pictures that don't do justice but here ya go!  We paid $375 for ours used it's about 80 years old and very nastalgic looking.  You can buy new $1500-$3000 but why would you do that??!!! Also you can google "flat file cabinet used" in your area or look for architects going out of business or go to a used office supply like I did.  It doubles as our coffee table as well and has such a unique look! We love it! They come in different sizes ranging from 2x3 feet, 3x4 feet ( shown below) and 1 1/2x 3 feet. All types to fit your needs and space!!!  Good luck!! In hope you found this helpful!

Perfect for all my needs!!!! I'm in love with this storage solution!!

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